Cubby’s Brats for the Fall and Oktoberfest

Brats and sausages have been available at the meat counter at Cubby’s Old Market for many years, and recently they have become a popular item in our catering orders. They are going to be in demand as we kick off our Oktoberfest events!

We offer six varieties of our homemade brats – original brats, Cajun, mild Italian, hot Italian, cheddar and cheddar jalapeno – original brats are the most popular. We think our unique blend of spices make them the best in town – and our customers agree!

Dale is one of three full-time butchers at Cubby’s and he’s been making our famous brats since joining our team in 2011. All our brats are homemade in our meat department at the Old Market store, making them unique and better from the brats you get anywhere else in town. When people try our brats, they come back for more. We recently made 100 Cajun brats for a customer – just because they are her favorite!

Summer is typically a popular time for our brats, and they have become a fan favorite during the College World Series. Every year we receive an order for 60 pounds a month before the series begins from dedicated Mississippi State fans for their tailgate parties.

Cubby’s brats are perfect for football parties, backyard barbeques or family gatherings. Cubby’s Catering can provide an unlimited number of brats for events of any size. If you have never tried our brats, they are available fresh our meat department in the Old Market, or hot and ready to eat from the deli on Fridays.

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